Welcome to the Pearl Court, which The Globe and Mail called, “Currently the best Chinese restaurant in Toronto”. It also received rave reviews from Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Toronto Restaurant Guide and Korea Times.

Pearl Court is renowned for its authentic Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine and dim sum. It has been managed by Master Chef Chan since 1982. This honorary title of Master Chef was granted during the 1985 Canada-China Culinary Exchange in China. Pearl Court is located in East Toronto Chinatown (Riverdale area) and is in walking distance from the newly built Chinese Archway which was jointly funded by the Chinese community and the City of Toronto.

Yum Cha (drinking tea) is a traditional Chinese style morning or afternoon tea involves enjoying Chinese tea while tasting delicious dim sum dishes. If you are unfamiliar with dim sum (heart’s delights), a big treat awaits you. Dim sum are bite-size savoury treats that are steamed, baked or fried. Selections are served from carts for guests to choose from. The popular items include cheung fun (rice noodle rolls filled with meat or shrimp), siu mai (pork and shrimp dumpling), and har gow (shrimp dumpling).

Choosing from the dinner menu with its more than 150 dishes, you can smack your lips over delicious seafood such as lobster, shrimp, scallop and squid, spicy Szechuan dishes or the traditional Cantonese stir fry chicken or beef with special sauces.

The many delights are modestly priced. Or as Now Magazine put it, “Noble Pearl Court keeps price down.” All of which explains why the Stoddard Best Restaurant Guide to Toronto gave us a rave review: “The Cantonese food is Toronto’s best.”
歡迎蒞臨小杬公海鮮酒家,我們曾被 The Globe and Mail 評為“多倫多最優秀的中菜餐館” ;並在“Toronto Star”,“Toronto Life”,“Toronto Restaurant Guide”及“Korea Times” 等報章的美食專欄中屢獲好評。